Jennifer Sagrati, MSW, LSW


Program Director

Social Worker and Mom to a Teenage Boy on the Autism Spectrum

Jenny Sagrati was born and raised on the far Southside of Chicago. She lives in the Beverly neighborhood with her husband, children and dogs. She has two teenage boys, one of whom has autism. Jenny has been a Social Worker for over twenty years where her roles have included: a high school social worker, a preschool social worker and most recently a school social worker in an autism cooperative program. Jenny’s work in a school setting has helped her become a fierce advocate for special needs families in the neighborhood who need help with their child’s IEP and obtaining services.


Three years ago when her son with autism was becoming a teenager, Jenny developed a program called Southside Teen Club that brought together teens who are differently-abled with those who are considered neuro-typical, so that they could come together to play games, make friendships, and have fun in an inclusive environment. Jenny also founded and moderates a Facebook group called Southside Special Moms which helps connect families who have special needs children to each other. It has grown over the years and is a wonderful resource for families who need support. Most recently, Jenny founded an online improv group for teens with autism who have fun while learning and performing improv virtually and comfortably from their own home. Jenny also facilitates mom meet-ups for special needs moms. Being a mom of a teen on the autism spectrum, Jenny understands the unique journey of being a parent to a child with a disability and the importance of connecting with other parents who share some of the same experiences.  Jenny is excited to bring her skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to MAINSAIL where she will be developing similar programs like these to help children, teens and young adults with disabilities learn to thrive and make meaningful connections in their community.

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